Beginning Keto

I considered starting the keto (or lchf – low carb, high fat) diet when I saw the transformation my friend went through with it. As with everything I do, I did so much research on it before I started, and this is something I recommend for everyone, no matter what diet plan you want to follow. Some of my initial concerns were about the amount of fat you should eat, and how in the world should that make you lose weight? I also worried about my cholesterol as it’s genetically predisposed to be a bit on the high side. My starting point was Diet Doctor, a website that guides you through low-carb and keto, and offers advice, recipes and meal plans. You can do the free trial and they give you so many great ideas and really guide you through the first four weeks. After that, I was confident with the ingredients and the science behind it to leave the nest and reach out to different websites for inspiration and recipes (some of my favourites are Sugar Free LondonerPerfect Keto, and Aussie Keto Queen). Now I make modifications on different recipes to make them keto-friendly, while still maintaining the yummy taste that satisfies my non-keto eating husband and friends.

Keto is not easy, and the beginning was definitely the worst. During the first two weeks I was in such a bad mood (no sugar or carbs, no sh*t Sherlock) that I wondered whether it was worth it or not. Meal planning was a pain in the butt, and getting rid of all the sweet and carby things in the kitchen just broke my heart. However, once the worst was over, it was amazing! The first thing I noticed was no more bloating (I literally had to unbutton my jeans after lunch sometimes), I was full for longer periods of time (cue snacking every two hours), and I had way more energy. In those first few weeks I also lost some weight, about 1 kg (around 2.2 lbs) per week. This was mostly water weight, and I wasn’t that concerned about the numbers, it was the physical appearance that got me – my stomach was flat for the first time since high school! You can just imagine the confidence boost here. I also recently did some blood tests, and, surprise, surprise, my cholesterol levels are normal!

While keto really works for me, it’s important to do your research before you decide whether or not to try it. Some things that can make it easier include not cutting carbs immediately, but easing yourself into lower and lower quantities. Meal and shopping plans also help because you have everything ready when you come from work/school/wherever life takes you to prepare a delicious meal. Meal prep saves me the worry of what take-out food is keto-friendly (I’m doing a PhD so I’m out of the house most of the day), and discovering new food I can include in my diet is super fun. If you’re thinking of doing keto leave a comment, let me know if you have any questions, tips, or ‘I heard that your breath smells really bad on keto’ concerns that you want to discuss (it does, sorry). I will be sharing some of my favourite recipes soon, WITHOUT the novels that usually precede them so you can enjoy simple instructions and have fun cooking without the extra words.

Thanks for reading!

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