Festival Time!

It’s almost summer! While this usually means high temperatures and a lot of sunshine, living in Edinburgh usually means rain, clouds and two sunny days in June. However, this does not stop us from organizing and going to festivals! Open-air events are all around, culminating in festivals such as Eden, Doune the Rabbit Hole, Trnsmt and the most famous of all, Glastonbury. I really love music, concerts and festivals, but being a self-funded student often means I have no money for the tickets. Thankfully, the husband and his band have been invited to play Eden and Doune and that means I get to go as well! Eden is behind us, and Doune is happening in July, which means I have plenty of time to prepare for it and learn from my experiences at Eden. This blog will offer some things I learned about festival camping, including how to prep for your keto lifestyle, and some of the things I found most difficult to prepare for.

  1. Sleeping

This is something I might have the most problems with. I usually need near-perfect conditions to fall asleep (darkness, quiet, a good mattress), and of course I’m not going to get this in a tent in the middle of a camping ground on a festival. We do have an inflatable double mattress which is actually really good and fits two people nicely (even if one of those people is 2 meters tall). Good sleeping bags are also important, especially if you expect it to be colder. We got ours from Mountain Warehouse and they’re beautiful! Another thing I found really good to have was a travel pillow (I have this one). Perhaps the most important items, at least for me, are earplugs and a sleeping mask. The earplugs I have are not very good in noise reduction so I might need to get some new ones (any tips on good earplugs more than welcome). The sleeping mask helps with the morning sun, which comes out around 5am this time of year, and it creates a nice darkness to fall asleep to.

  • Hygiene

Yeah, you can pretty much forget about this. The toilets at Eden were well-maintained, and all of them had hand disinfectant. However, not washing my hands in running water for 24 hours was not a pleasant experience. There were water points, but no soap, so I bought some soap leaves from Flying Tiger for our next festival. In terms of body hygiene, wet wipes are the best thing to bring with you. I know they’re not very eco-friendly, but there might be some biodegradable options out there. Eden also offered showers but I didn’t try them out. I usually bring a packet of wet wipes, disinfectant wipes for plates and food-related items, and make-up remover wipes. Apart from this I always take my deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste (I have to wear a retainer every night, so this is inevitable). It also somehow feels that hygiene rules don’t matter during festivals. Everyone is in the same situation as you are, and sometimes it really feels good to be carefree and not worry about having to take a shower every day. Although after two nights in a tent I might change my mind.

  • Food & Drinks

This takes most planning, at least for me. Eating keto can be difficult in places with restricted food sources. I like to prepare as much as I can in advance, relying on my trusty keto pretzel bites, packing a jar or two of almond butter (honestly this one is like a drug to me), and bringing pre-washed veggies, cured meats and cheese that can hold in a cooler bag for a couple of days (I just got the cutest cooler bag from TK Maxx, it has llamas on it!). Since we stayed at Eden for only one night, food wasn’t that problematic, but we’ll be spending three nights at Doune so a little more planning will be required. I will definitely be checking out the food vendors that will be there so I can plan some lunches at the festival itself, and then just taking care of breakfast and dinner in the camp. Our friends have a portable cooker so frying eggs in the morning will be easy. I guess dinner will be trickier because I probably won’t feel like going back to the camp to eat, but I’ll play that by ear. It is a festival after all. As far as drinks go, I’m sticking to gin and diet tonic, and plenty of water. Remember to keep hydrated! Most places also have coffee, and offer soy or almond milk, which is great to keep keto.

With all the preparation you can’t really cover everything, and that’s ok. Festivals are meant to be enjoyed and you should feel relaxed, not worrying about your next meal or staying in ketosis. If you want those loaded fries, go for it. You can go back to your routine once you come back home. I ate a bag of chips at Eden, and while I did feel like crap the next day (physically), it was the best thing ever while I was devouring them. It’s all about balance, so just remember to have plenty of water, try to get some rest to allow your body to recover, and enjoy yourself!

Thanks for reading!  

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